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Who is Arjen Homes?

Who is Arjen Homes?

Arjen Homes is a family-owned and-operated Luxury Modern Home builder in Tampa, Florida. We build premium-quality modern homes with hand-selected custom finishes and upgrades. 

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We started remodeling foreclosure homes after the 2008 recession. After several years, and due to the market changes, we became Arjen Homes, where we began building new Traditional & Transitional homes in Tampa back in 2015. In recent years, we have noticed an increased demand in our market for modern-style homes.  At Arjen Homes, we strive to make this beautiful style of architecture more available and accessible. We provide a variety of floor plans to suit different budgets. As a Luxury Modern Home Builder, we can also design a home with a floor plan created for you. 

“From concept to creation with quality”

Our motto is our mission.

Clients who work with Arjen Homes aren’t interested in a cookie-cutter home. We believe your home should be something you love walking in every day after work.

Your home should have style and character. Your vision is our undertaking, your dream, our purpose. At Arjen, we build our homes to stand out.

Let Arjen Homes be the Luxury Modern Home builder that will bring your dreams to life. Contact us today to learn more and start the process.

Modern Homes Key Elements

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Modern New Home Architecture

To help you get to know Arjen Homes better, let’s take a deeper dive into modern new home architecture. Below is a rendering of one of our modern homes.

What makes this home modern? Here are the key elements of modern homes:

  • Flat planes, clean lines, and geometric shapes are regular and rigorous. Flat roofs are common.
  • Large windows. Sliding and/or folding glass doors and other expansive panes of glass allow light to enter rooms from multiple angles, showcasing your interiors to the outside world creating simplicity and functionality.
  • Integration with nature. Rooms have multiple outdoor views, or multiple access points, encouraging residents to go outside and explore their surroundings.
  • Lots of open spaces. Rather than subdividing the home into multiple small rooms, the kitchen, living, and dining area are kept as open as possible, while the bedrooms and bathrooms remain private. Modern homes often feature large windows so that the occupants are always connected with the outdoors.

To see the modern new homes in Tampa we have built, visit our photo galleries. We also have some new homes available now. Your modern dream home may already be built and waiting for you!

I love my new home had a great experience the people there we delightful to work with had an overall great experience!!! Will recommend to everyone!!!!
Missy S.
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