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Why Our Take on Luxury Sets Us Apart

Why Our Take on Luxury Sets Us Apart

We pay careful attention to understanding what it takes to make a house a home. What sets us apart is our love for beautiful design and our relentless attention to build details. Below are just a few reasons why our builds are in a class of their own.

An Emphasis on Character

We believe your home should be beautiful from the moment you step through the door which is why we include features such as grand entrances and two story galleries as a must. 

Sprawling, open floor plans allow our homes to feel welcoming and impressive.  Architectural details such as dramatic staircases, grand entrances and wooden wall and ceiling features are a must in our designs. 

Team Expertise

We strive for excellence with each build and know how important it is to stand out from the rest. Our building team is comprised of design and build professionals ranked top in the world. We know we won’t disappoint you with our work and our one-on-one attention to your home buying experience ensures you get what you ask for.

A Higher Standard for Building Excellence

At Arjen Homes, we believe homes should be built to last. We go the extra mile during construction to make sure that when you’re ready to move in, you know you’re buying a high quality home by an established builder. Examples of our higher build standards can be seen in our use of high impact windows throughout, steel reinforced block structure and commercial grade TPO roofs. 

We know it’s not just what’s outside the walls that makes the difference, it’s the careful attention to the network of services and build products used within. We bring you high efficiency HVAC systems and quick hot water delivery to make sure that when you need a service, it's at your fingertips. Premium lumber and building materials also go a long way in supporting our high-level exterior finishes.

Built in Technology

We make sure we keep up with the latest technology to make your daily routine convenient and stress free as possible. Our builds seamlessly integrate the smart home security system of your choice allowing you to monitor your home online at any time. Motion sensing lighting and smart thermostats allow you to automatically adjust your temperature preferences. We also provide the ability to integrate smart curtains that can close and open with the sun. 

Some of our appliances are also bluetooth enabled so you don’t have to worry you left anything on when you’re not at home. 

Fully Stocked Kitchens with Chef and Oversized Pantries

For those of you who cook, and for those who don’t, we’ve designed showcase kitchens that are more than just nice to look at. These kitchens help you prepare any meal with built-in appliances and sprawling countertops as well as overstocked pantries. Our larger estates feature private chef’s and prep kitchens so you can kick back and get ready for any dinner party. 

Spa Bathrooms

You work hard and we know it. Our bathrooms are designed with a spa like feel to help you relax when the day is done. Oversized showers with steam features on some builds, allow you to rejuvenate and keep your health at the forefront. Relaxing baths and beautifully designed vanities ensure you have everything you need when getting ready for the day.

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