November 16, 2023

Tampa's Thriving Future: Unveiling New Developments and Attractions

We never get tired of saying how wonderful Tampa, Florida is. This is the ideal place if you always want to have something to do, such as going out with family and friends and visiting places where you can have fun moments or extreme relaxation.

But why are we sure about that? Tampa is a place that is always growing and surprising its inhabitants to provide them with the best quality of life. Tampa Attractions has everything you need to spend a different day. In addition, there are constantly new projects that involve new restaurants, hotels, theme parks, and more places for you to enjoy.

Without further ado, we'll tell you about some new Tampa attractions and comment on future Tampa development projects.

New places and Tampa attractions to visit

To show you that this beautiful place will always surprise you, in this section, we will focus on some new Tampa attractions that you can enjoy for a different and unforgettable experience.

Busch Gardens Serengeti Flyer

Regarding Tampa attractions, we can't pass up the new Serengeti Flyer at Busch Gardens theme park. This new attraction has been marketed as the highest and fastest of its kind, making it ideal for you to feel the adrenaline rush and the air in your face.

With a height of 135 feet and twin mechanical arms that reach speeds of 68 mph, it has earned a spot in the park's “extreme” category. 

This new mechanical ride, which opened in the spring of 2023, has a capacity of up to 40 people sitting back-to-back. Would you dare to try it?

Union New American Restaurant

In addition to Tampa attractions such as theme parks and other outdoor activity sites, this beautiful place is home to new and attractive restaurants.

One of them is the Union New American, which debuted last April 4th. Within its 9,538 square feet and two stories, you will be able to appreciate a new dining experience that you will never forget.

This is a place where visitors can have a complete experience in its indoor or outdoor kitchen. It is like a kind of playground for adults, where visitors can do business, relax with a cocktail in hand, and stay until the evening hours enjoying the rooftop. Undoubtedly, it is a tempting option that you would like to try.

Tampa's development projects

We have already talked about some Tampa attractions that you can enjoy with family and friends. Now it's time to talk about future Tampa Development projects that you will want to experience.

Busch Gardens is planning to add new attractions

We have mentioned one of the new Tampa attractions at Busch Gardens. But this is not all, because this great theme park plans to incorporate new attractions and other plans for 2024. Some of these are the following

- Phoenix Rising roller coaster.

- The Kangaroo exhibition will be upgraded.

- A new Adventure Island play area will be added.

- A new ice show will be added for visitors to enjoy.

With these projects at Busch Gardens, you can see that Tampa is constantly growing to entertain its residents.

Baseball stadium in St. Petersburg

If you love baseball, then you'll love this exciting news. The Rays announced the construction of a $1.3 billion ballpark in St. Petersburg.

This ballpark will have approximately 30,000 seats with an expanded capacity of 35,000 for special events. It will also feature three levels, a fixed roof, and a beautiful artificial grass field.

Finally, it will have different types of seating, from club, suites, and premium, among others. Undoubtedly, a project you won't want to miss when it's ready.

Serenity Luxury Estates

Finally, another Tampa development project is Serenity Luxury Estates. At Arjen Homes, our goal is to create an exclusive luxury gated community in the heart of Sun Bay South.

This community will feature 10 unique homes with luxury designs and modern styles. The ideal place to spend time with friends and family, while enjoying luxury, comfort, and what nature and vegetation have to offer.

The softwood floors, stone countertops, and high ceilings with decorative beams will captivate you the first time you see them. To learn more about Serenity Luxury Estates, don't hesitate to visit us.

As you've seen, this is the ideal place to live a life the way you like it. Tampa's attractions and Tampa development projects will make sure you'll always be busy enjoying a beautiful, elegant city with everything you need.

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