Who is Arjen Homes? Why do we build the homes that we do?

Our Family is Here to Serve Your Family


When you buy a new home you are not just buying a home.

If you’re anything like most people then you want a home that you know is built well. You want the security and peace of mind that your home was built to be top-of-the-line and will last the test of time.

You don’t want to buy just another home in the neighborhood. You don’t want a cookie cutter home.


We all struggle with finding a new home.

We are a family owned and operated construction company that started this business back in 2009 remodeling foreclosure homes. After several years and due to the changes in the market, we decided to start building new homes.

Now, we are a semi-custom urban builder in the Tampa Bay area. We build premium quality new homes with hand-selected custom finishes and modern upgrades.

Finding a modern style home in Tampa is difficult. Modern homes are easy to find in Miami or California. We noticed that there are a lot of people in Tampa who like the modern style. You can find a few modern homes, however, most are near a million dollars or more.

That is why we started to build more modern style homes at multiple price points.

We wanted to be able to offer you a modern home even if you didn’t want to pay a million dollars.

Have you ever heard the saying, “they don’t build homes like they used to?

Your home is one of the biggest investments in your life.

You want to know that your home is worth every dollar you spend.

You want to love walking into your home every day, no matter how old it gets.


That is why we build the homes we do.


We build your home to be premium quality.

We offer luxury homes at multiple price points from the upper $200’s and up beyond several million dollars.

Whether you buy a $300,000, $500,000 or a million dollar home, when it is built by us you can have the security and peace of mind knowing that it is built with quality and designed to be different.

We know that every person is unique that is why your home should be as well.

A home should match your style and character.

Our homes offer you a one-of-a-kind experience.

All of our homes offer you the highest quality construction and design.

Your home offers so much quality that most of our clients struggle to find anything they need to upgrade.

We build your home as if we would live in it ourselves.

When you work with us there is no red tapeno corporate hassles, you work directly us and everyone who will be building your dream home.

We know that the most important factor throughout the building of your home is regular communication.

We promise to be regularly available for any questions or concerns involving the building process and are always willing to schedule on-site meetings and walk-throughs.

We also understand time is an important factor for you.

That’s why we have a timely construction period, as well as the option to purchase a home that is already under construction, or already built. This offers flexibility, allowing you to choose a home that not only fits your family but your timeframe as well.

If you want to customize the home you can and if you do not want to deal with the time and hassle of building a custom home, you don’t have to. You can pick from what we have to offer.

You have the freedom and flexibility to choose how involved you are in the entire process.

With our experience, creativity, and understanding of the construction market, your home-building process is sure to be smooth, ending with the home you have always dreamed of. Our goal is to pay attention to detail throughout the construction process to ensure many years of satisfaction.


Your vision is our undertaking; your dream is our purpose.