August 8, 2020

Build Your Modern Home Refuge

As they spend more time at home due to coronavirus, many homeowners have found that their homes are not ideal for these lifestyle adjustments. Clients building luxury modern homes now want features that will make life as comfortable as possible during long weekends at home or for another possible quarantine. Here are some of the trends we are seeing.

Home Offices

With working from home becoming the norm for many homeowners, home offices have quickly become indispensable. The design of your home office should be tailored to your work. What do you need to perform? 

Some people need extra storage for files or documents. If you spend time in virtual meetings, you should consider where you position your desk in relation to windows for optimal lighting. You should also design the wall decor behind your desk to appear professional and attractive on camera.

Flex Rooms

Coronavirus has certainly brought about a great deal of uncertainty. Having flexible spaces in your home will help you weather quarantine by giving you an area to adapt to the moment. Do you need a yoga or exercise room? Was school suddenly moved from in-person to online, requiring you to set up an at-home classroom? A flex space can handle all of this and more. 

Exercise Room

While a flex room can easily be transformed as needed into an exercise room or yoga studio. However, if working out is part of your daily routine, you might need a dedicated space. With many gyms still closed, we see many people building their own home gyms. 

When designing your luxury modern home, consider the equipment you would like in a home gym. Plan the space accordingly so that the space feels comfortable and not too tightly packed with weights and other equipment. Think about including soundproofing so that you don’t disturb others in your home. You could even plan a bathroom/locker room next door so that you can shower and change closeby.

Large Pantry

Some people found during quarantine that they simply did not have the necessary space to stockpile extra items. A large pantry allows you to stock up on flour, canned goods, and anything else while keeping it neatly organized and hidden from view.

Outdoor Space

We still don’t know everything about coronavirus, but we do know that it does not spread as easily outdoors. Thus, many people now hold their social gatherings outdoors. Is your backyard ready for entertaining? 

Having an outdoor living space is not only ideal for entertaining. It also gives your family another area to work, live, and play. When designing your luxury modern home, remember to factor outdoor living into your plans.

Swimming Pools

Pools have always been popular in Florida, but with many public pools closed, backyard pools are even more in demand. Design an outdoor oasis so picturesque that you won’t miss the country club pool at all. 

Now that you know how it feels to quarantine at home, make sure that you are prepared if it ever happens again. Design your luxury modern home with Arjen Homes, and you’ll have a place where you’ll love to be in any circumstances.

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