August 24, 2020

Is Now the Time for a Modern Home?

For many years, homes with a sleek, modern design were exclusive to buyers with extraordinary budgets. But modern homes are no longer only for the rich and famous, and here at Arjen Homes, we’ve spent time perfecting the style at a more universally accessible price. We want our clients to be excited about the place they live, work and learn in—and we think modern is the way to go for Tampa-area residents. We broke down the benefits of building or buying a modern home in today’s real-estate market. 

Unique architectural exteriors 

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, and modern homes are a great example of that. Modern architecture often features clean lines, asymmetrical elements and geometric shapes that make their exteriors stand out from the rest. With flat or overhanging roof lines, large prominent windows and what some would describe as a “boxy” overall aesthetic, choosing a contemporary house means you won’t fall into the cookie-cutter category that so many homes are in.  

Quality interior finishes 

While many styles of homes now use modern interior finishes, they really look best when complementing the overall look of the home. Each room can possess key interior details to elevate the feel of a modern home and create a cohesive style throughout. Kitchens featuring waterfall-edge islands, stainless steel appliances, ample storage space to keep counters minimalistic and bright lighting fixtures create a space that even the most amateur cooks would want to spend time in. Modern bathrooms feature grand tile floors, exaggerated use of glass, sleek showers/tubs and muted color palettes. Tidy paint jobs paired with large, paneless windows offer the perfect canvas in any room to fill with furniture and accents that match your personal style. 

Arjen Homes, through a vigorous vetting process, collaborates only with the best Tampa-area vendors to ensure that the houses we build are built to last, including the smallest of interior finishes. 

Connection to nature and others 

One principle of modern home design often includes a connection to nature. Large amounts of windows and other glass features are used to seamlessly transition to the outside world from inside your home. Modern houses also focus on open-concept floor plans. By keeping living areas like the kitchen, dining room and living room in one large space, families can spend more time together and connected without feeling crowded. 

With various floor plans and finishes to choose from, Arjen Homes are designed for buyers of all style preferences and budgets. If you’re looking to buy or build a budget-friendly modern home in the Tampa area, reach out to us today. 

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