September 29, 2021

Here's Exactly What You Need to Look For in a Modern Home in Tampa Bay

Let's talk about what to look for when you are buying a modern home in Tampa Bay. Lately, there's a lot of other home builders have decided to start building modern homes, because it's a new trend in Tampa. They want to add that into their vast inventory of designs.

Here at Arjen Homes, we don't do that. If you are in the market to buy a modern home, and in this video, we'll go over the things that you need to take into consideration when comparing home builders.


Number one is the house that you're looking from any builder follow the modern home guidelines, per se. 

What are the modern home guidelines? 

Are we having a flat roof? 

Is the architecture, the lines are minimalistic? 


Do we have an open concept design in the house? 

Are the cabinetry modern? 

Do the kitchen appliances have paneling? 

We all know that paneling on kitchen appliances in any modern kitchen is something that it must have. So the kitchen will look seamless. That is a very unique, modern taste and modern thing. 

Do other builders do that? Or they just give you a kitchen with appliance and they stick up from the cabinetry and looks like any normal house. 

Some features like that it will make or break a builder from being a true modern builder, versus a common builder. 

Do they take in consideration the floor plan? Do they build mudrooms? Do they build offices? Do they build flex rooms where you can determine what goes on it? 

Maybe a yoga room, maybe a second office, maybe a kid's room, so if they need to study. Maybe an exercise room. That's what it calls flex room. We do that, we build flex rooms in every house. Okay. 

Do they take care of the outdoors? Do they build a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen. 

Do they build space for the kids to play outside with turf? 

We put artificial turf in most of our houses, so the kids can play and they're not playing in the grass, in the wet grass. They just have artificial turf for their playground type. 

Do they build rooftops? 

One of the things about a modern home is to be able to have a rooftop for entertainment. You cannot do that in a traditional home. You cannot build a rooftop on a Transitional home. You cannot build a rooftop on a Mediterranean home. 

Because why? Because the roof is not flat. It's not flat. Like I said. So builders that they understand the modern concept. If there is a house that they can build a rooftop for entertainment, they will. We do. 

We build rooftop so people can actually enjoy not only the view, but enjoy entertaining other people. Especially if the lot is tight. 

Do they build elevators? Well we do build elevators in every house. 

Why? Because we want our buyers to feel like it doesn't matter what age you have. You can actually go and really to your master bedroom on the second story, you don't have to worry about climbing the stairs. 

That's what we do because we think before we design, we think about the people that are going to be living in it, not just a prototype that we do the plans and we build. 

That's what the consumer needs to understand and needs to evaluate when you are in the market for a modern home. 

Make sure that your builder is an expert in modern construction. 

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