December 22, 2021

Who is Arturo the Developer on Netflix's New Show Selling Tampa?

Did you see us on Netflix? In its newest series, Selling Tampa, you'll find "Arturo the Developer" aka the Founder/Owner/CEO of Arjen Homes.

We're featured in:

  • Episode 2 - at 9:24, 17:00, 24:30, and 26:29
  • Episode 3 - at 8:20
  • Episode 4 - at 9:20
  • Episode 6 - at 2:45, and 15:10

You may be wondering, who we are.

Arturo the Developer aka Arjen Homes, Tampa Bay's Luxury Modern Home Builder

Finding modern homes in Tampa Bay is not as easy as in Miami. 

There are few fewer modern home builders, and much less than match the quality of the home you expect from a luxury home builder.

I wanted to introduce you to Arjen Homes, a luxury home builder in Tampa Bay who exclusively builds luxury modern homes.

Find out why Arjen Homes are becoming known as Tampa Bay's luxury modern home builder.

Developer of the Modern Home Compound in Tampa

After everything that happened in 2020, our home became more than just a place where we live.

It became the place we needed to do everything. Live. Eat. Play. Work. Study. Relax. And more.

Our home was redefined and what we needed had to be reimagined.

That's why Arjen Homes decided to revolutionize what you expect from a luxury modern home and they started building Modern Home Compounds...

What's The Difference Between Spec vs. Custom Home Builders?

Spec homes are one of the less known types of new construction homes. 

While most may associate custom homes with higher quality, many of the most luxurious homes in California are built spec.

Even the most expensive house in the United States, "The One" in Belair was built spec.

Spec does not mean a difference in quality. It's a different style of building that doesn't require all the time, effort, and energy required by you that building a custom home needs.

In this video, the "Arturo the Developer" explains the difference:

The First of Many to Come in Tampa:

Their luxury modern home at 3116 West Napoleon Avenue, also known as, Monte Carlo was sold in 2021 for $1,391,500. 

While it's not quite comparable to what they'll be building in Stone Lake Ranch, Thonotosassa, St. Petersburg, or in their other South Tampa locations- it does provide a taste of what you can expect.

Are you intrigued?

Find more of our homes here!

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