August 19, 2022

Our Luxury Home Design Process as a Luxury Home Builder in Tampa Bay

One thing about Arjen Homes is that we don't duplicate our projects. Every house, we build only once. 

In due respect to our buyers, we believe it's building a piece of art for them. 

This way our buyers will not say, "Oh, my house is being seen all over town." We don't do that. 

When it comes to building a brand new project, we have an entire team of hand-selected experts. 

We have a group of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, drafters, and designers.

We meet and talk about, what's going to happen with this new project? 

What is our vision? 

What are the top luxury items & features that can we include on the new project? 

What will make this house different than the rest of the projects that we build? 

What will happen in the future for the potential client will it be attracted, potential people? 

Are we gonna sell it to a family? 

What areas are we going to put this project? 

All of that is put into consideration when designing a new project and then everybody gets into motion. 

The architect is the first one who gets involved in the project and along with interior design. 

Once we get all of the interior designs done and the architect is done with his work, then the drafter drafts the construction docs & when the structural engineer has his work done as well, and when everything is completed from there we submit it for permitting and once we get the permit to start a new project, then we start the construction.

As a luxury home builder in Tampa who only builds modern homes, we care about the distinctiveness of creating an unparalleled home for our clients. 

I love my new home had a great experience the people there we delightful to work with had an overall great experience!!! Will recommend to everyone!!!!
Missy S.
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