September 14, 2021

Introducing our Build on your Lot Program For Building Luxury Modern Homes in Tampa Bay

We're officially announcing our build on your lot program. This is perfect for those looking to build a luxury modern home in the Tampa Bay area.


Introducing our Build on Your Lot Program For Building Luxury Modern Homes in Tampa Bay

Today, we're going to talk about all the things that you need to know when you are planning to build on your lot.

First thing, you have a lot, you purchase a lot, and you decided that it's time that you wanna build your home. But there's a few things in reference to that. It's not as simple as it is to plan it, but you need to do the research first.

We suggest that if you have a lot that you're ready to build, first of all, you need to decide what type of architecture are you planning to build on your lot. It can be modern, it can be traditional, it can be transitional.

You need to know approximately how many square feet do you wanna build. How many members of your family? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? What amenities you're gonna have in your house?

All this take place because from the original thinking what you're going to build, comes the design, it comes the architecture, it comes all of the planning around it before you even start breaking ground.

And one of the things also to be consider is, who is going to build your home?

You need to do your research to find out what builder is capable of building your dream home?

The home that you're planning, the home that you always thought about it, somebody needs to build it. Somebody needs to have the same ideas and the same dreams that you have in order to make it happen. 

So you need to do a big research on builders. You need to know how qualified they are, what kind of reputation they have, what type of architecture they specialize on. 

Obviously, there's a question about budget, you know, how much they charge you to build a home. 

Most of the builders, they charge per square feet. But what is it that they're going to do for you, not only just build. 

For instance, in Arjen Homes, when we help consumers build on their lot, we kind of have meetings and meetings and meetings in trying to penetrate their mind to see what is it that they want to see when the house is done. And then we put that in paper, in the design. 

We tweak all the design to make sure that wife, husband, and members of the family, they are all comfortable with the amount of rooms, where the rooms are going to be distributed? Where upstairs? Downstairs? Does every room has a bathroom? You know, what type of kitchen? What type of open space? What type of entertainment in the house? we're gonna have a pool. We're going to have, you know, an outdoor activity, an outdoor kitchen. 

All of the things that goes into the house, because you can have an idea about what's going on, but your wife or your husband can have a different idea or would like to add more to it. 

So in Arjen Homes we spent a lot of preliminary time in trying to determine what the buyer wants. What the new homeowner likes to see when we decided, when we are chosen to be your builder. 

Once you got the builder and you have all these meetings, then the builder will take that information and put them in paper. 

What is it, basically what it's called construction documents. Plans. Builder will take those plans, once after they're done. And after obviously we tweak with red line things or what, I don't want this wall here. 

I don't want this wall there. You know this, you know, this door, doesn't close. You know, other ones to close out, the closet, whatever the case may be that we need to correct. Then we take those plans and we take them to the municipalities or counties for permitting. 

There has to be an study done on your lot. If you buying a lot to build, you're going to make sure that what you buy is a buildable lot. 

The last thing that you want is to have a lot that for one reason, or the other, you cannot build on, or you can build partially because some parts of the lot cannot be buildable. So that is a lot of a study that goes associated with choosing the lot. 

After everything is done and all the permits come back, then you, you have your permitting to start building. That's when your builder is putting on sight, your dreams. But also another thing that you need to be in consideration is who's going to pay for it. Do you have a budget? 

How are you paying for the construction? Unless you're paying for cash. And most people do for the construction. Some other folks, they need financing. 

That has to be in place before even the builder gets chosen. You need to be pre-qualified with any, any financial institution, any bank that will do a construction to perm loan. 

What is a construction to perm loan? Is basically a loan that the bank will lend you money and not, it's not you, it's lending the builder to build a house. You are applying for the mortgage. 

You get it perhaps approved and you close before you even start building. At today's rate. So what happens after that? You have a budget, comes from the builder, okay. 

This is how much it's gonna cost you to build that home. And then the bank deals directly with the builder. Every time a phase gets completed from the builder, the bank disperses the money. And until it gets to the CEO, which is a certificate occupancy. 

Once you get the certificate occupancy, everything is done. Your house is finished. The bank pay the bills that needed to be paid, and then you start making regular payments like in any regular mortgage. 

So there's a lot of things to take in consideration when you're building in your lot. So I would advise anybody that is thinking about that, that you need to do your homework, specially two or three big important areas. 

What's gonna be your big dream home? Who's gonna build it? Who's gonna pay for it? Who's going to finance it? 

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