September 8, 2021

Is It Even Worth Buying a House Now In This Market or Should You Wait?

Is It Even Worth Buying a House Now In This Market or Should You Wait?


Today, we're going to talk about why buying a house today makes sense than waiting. We all know how the market is. We all know that interest rates are low and some people still think is this a good time to buy a house or should I wait for the market to be better? The statistics show that we are at the very bottom of the interest rates. I've not seen interest rates like this in 50 or 60 years, I'm talking about mortgage interest rates. Today is a great time to actually apply for a mortgage and get a 30-year-old or a 15-year-old mortgage to buy a home. Some people are not making the decision because some of them might say, "Well, I'm just gonna rent a little more and save some money so I can buy a better house." That's also a mistaken. Because as you wait for more money to be saved, houses are getting appreciated and higher in value perhaps at a faster time. So if you save a hundred, the house can go up in price 500. So what are we accomplishing? Today is a great time to buy a house, perhaps because what you're paying in rent is high. What you're paying in rent is probably more than what you'll be paying if you have a mortgage. It's a mathematical situation, it's finances. Talk to a financial advisor and ask him, "How much will I pay for a mortgage of this amount? And just compare to the rent that you're buying, the rent that you're paying actually on a monthly basis. And you're gonna find out that what you're paying every month in rent is perhaps higher than the potential mortgage you're gonna have if you buy a house. But if you own a house and you really wanna move up and buy a bigger home, your family grows and stuff like that, also is a great time, because in today's market, homes have been appreciated at a very fast pace. A few years ago after the crash, there was a decline in home values. That is the thing of the past. In today's market, houses are coming back with appreciation. Now, people are having more equity on their homes. So now, it's really a good deal to sell your home and with that money that you cash, perhaps put them in a bigger home or maybe a different place or a different architecture. Whatever your dreams are, but don't hold up because you don't know if you should sell or not sell. Today is basically a seller's market. You and the other sellers can benefit of selling your home and trade it up for the bigger home or downsize, whatever the case may be, if you have to downsize, okay? The market is giving you this opportunity. So if you think or your family thinks that this is a time to make a move, don't bother with listening to news in the outside. Some people are saying, "This is a bubble market." Some people are saying, "No, this is not a good time to buy a house, let's rent." You need to come to a conclusion. I will be better off if I buy a house compared to what I'm paying in rent today or will I be better off if I sell my house, cash in some money, put them in a new home, and get a bigger home perhaps and a better home in a better distribution, and a newer home? You're the only person who can make that decision. We're just giving you the tips for you to think if this is a good time to buy or to wait. If you want more information about the housing market, if you want more information about what house and what area to buy and at what price, subscribe or visit us at Arjen Homes is Tampa Bay's luxury modern home builder.

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