September 8, 2021

What's the Difference in Modern Stair Designs that We Use For Our Modern Homes in Tampa Bay

What's the Difference in Modern Stair Designs that We Use For Our Modern Homes in Tampa Bay

Bast Staircases are known in Tampa for their unique staircase designs & ideas. They specialize in designed stairs that nobody else would or could. Those one-off stairs that make you stop and say, "WOW!" That's why we partnered with them for our luxury modern homes in the Tampa Bay area.

Today, we talk with them, and they share with you everything you need to know about modern stairs.


Today we're going to talk about stairs. Staircases for modern homes. And with us today, we have Remiah and Matt from Bast Staircases, our preferred vendor, when it comes into modern stairs. Guys, thank you for coming.

- Thanks for having us. I would like to, and the audience would like to know a little bit more about Bast.

- Okay. So we've been building stairs in Tampa for a little over 30 years, and we kind of specialize in the stairs that are unique. We get the ones that, you know, nobody else can build. We get lots of times where we'd, can you build this? And our answer is always, yes, we'll find a way to make that happen. And that's really our specialty. That's where we've made our name, and is building those kinds of stairs. We can certainly build the regular stair, but our specialty is building those one-offs that, you know, everybody else looks at and says, "I want that stair. Can you build it? And our answer is, yes. Yeah. We can always build it. We'll find a way. If there's not a way we'll create a new way to do that.

- And this is an example. Obviously in this project they built... They hand built this stair and they design it, obviously before, and then they build this staircase for us. And tell me a little bit about the components that this staircase has.

- Well, the components Of this stair in particular, when you look at this home, a modern staircase, you think clean lines, no overhang, square. We have a unique two inch thick stair tread a two inch thick riser, no overhang, stainless steel cable system, which screams modern, right? No skirt boards, all clean lines and finishes.

- And this was one of the stairs that we have... That it actually goes with this type of home, is that architecture. But I believe that also for other homes, and actually modern homes, we have other types of stairs, right? Like such as what?

- So there's... We really build an almost all different materials. And really that's the beauty of the contemporary is you're taking all kinds of different materials and putting them together from glass and steel, stone, wood, you name it. All of those materials can be used in a myriad of different ways. That really do make your staircase unique in any way that you want it to be. And you know, that's kind of what our specialty is. Is that modern style is so much fun to build. And it's one where when you bring us a challenge, we love to rise to that challenge.

- So We can say that you guys specializes on modern staircases.

- We do.

- Good. So we build the stairs and obviously the consumer has the house and for some reason we have some warranty issues. Please let us know when it comes to warranties, you know, how do you guys operate?

- So the first thing that we would say is it's always our stair. Like we take it personally. It means a lot to us. We always want it to look good. So no matter what, we're going to stand behind that it's really, our goal is to give you that one of a kind stare that everybody comes and sees. So we really do stand behind our stairs, the lifetime of the stair. We want those forever, other than the finishes wearing or something like that. But as far as the actual staircase itself, we have stairs that we still go back to, you know, that were 30 years old and we're going to make sure that they're still standing strong. And that's really, our belief is to make sure that they always stay looking as good as the house does.

- And for us the builder, what better than to have a vendor that actually can actually go to a buyer's or homeowner's site and say, "listen, whatever problems you have, if you didn't make it, if you was not your fault, obviously anything that comes with the stairs, we will stand behind it and we will fix it." So when even talking even about the design, what is the design process?

- So, really truly what we do is we take the design. We can design it from scratch, where you can kind of give us some ideas, or we can take your design and start to transform that when we start the design process, we do it in a CAD system. We put it all together. You can spin it around, you can see it. You can almost walk up your stair, virtually, before we ever start the construction process. And so it really is to the point where you know exactly what you're getting, and we know before we get started, that we're building your dream.

- Thank you. So here we have it folks. If you're in the market for a modern home, Arjen Homes can be your builder. And if, you know, need more information about the staircases subscribe or visit at Arjen Homes is Tampa Bay's luxury modern home builder.

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