August 25, 2021

What Are The Types of Modern Roof Designs & Materials Used in our Modern Homes in Tampa Bay?

What Are The Types of Modern Roof Designs & Materials Used in our Modern Homes in Tampa Bay?


- Today we have Layth our Director of Construction from Arjen Homes, uh, is here with us, and we're gonna talk about, um, roofing on a modern home.

- Thank you for having me on.

- Not a problem Layth, thank you for being here with us. In the consumer actually, most of the consumers that I talk to lately, uh, one of the questions that I have is, you know, what type of roofing materials do you use on a modern home? Since most of the modern homes in the area, they have flat roofs. Obviously, Arjen Homes only build modern homes with flat roofs, but you know, we're here to learn a little bit more about flat roofs.

- Absolutely. So in a traditional house, you can have shingles or tile roofs, however, in a modern house, you need to have something called TPO. It's a commercially used membrane. It's a single-ply that is sitting on a foam board insulation board that is sitting on the plywood roof decking.

- Wonderful. Now, uh, now we know that it's a membrane, now this membrane obviously after it gets installed, they have a lifespan. Do we have any warranty that we offer as a builder to the consumer about this, the membrane, and how often it needs to be replaced?

- Correct. So the lifespan of the TPO is about three years. The manufacturer offers a warranty for 25 years, and as a builder, we do offer a one-year general warranty. However, our roofing company does offer a seven-year labor warranty on it.

- Wonderful. And what happens after the seven-year warranty or what happens after the 25-year lifespan of that TPO? Does it get replaced?

- So, it's usually a 30-year lifespan, but yes, just like any other roof, you will have to replace it.

- Wonderful. How many colors do we have? Because obviously one of the questions that they have is, we applied, in Arjen Homes, we apply white as a color. But I understand that the manufacturers of TPO have a different variety of colors right?

- Correct, yes. They do have colors ranging from yellow to black. So there is a lot of colors that you can choose from. However, at Arjen Homes, we do usually use white because it's UV resistance and it's very reflective. So RHS your energy efficiency for the house.

- Here you have it. I mean, for energy-efficient is none better than white. And also one point to talk about is that Arjen Homes build exclusively luxury modern homes in the Tampa Bay area. And we do build a roof with their flat and it has TPOs. 

Well, thank you Layth for coming and explaining those roof details to our audience. I really appreciate it. And also remember that Arjen homes, uh, when builds modern homes, always, always, we have flat roofs with TPO.

- Thank you for having me here, I appreciate it.

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