January 13, 2021

Moving to Florida from New York? 7 Reasons Why FL beats NY

Moving to Florida from New York? 7 Reasons Why FL beats NY


Here's the seven reasons why New Yorkers are moving to Florida.

Hundreds of New Yorkers are leaving the city per day.

This trend will only accelerate, people that were buying homes in Florida as a second home, now they're thinking about moving to Florida.

After going through this pandemic and suffering the consequences of living in a big city, with a lot of buildings and a lot of people, transportation on the street, people are rethinking their way of living.

This pandemic has transformed the ideal of New Yorkers about their own City. And they're trying to find a change in their lives just in case the pandemic will meet them again in the near future, and that change is in Florida.

The number one reason, Florida residents don't pay city or State tax, New Yorkers do. And that adds to 13% more on their budget every year.

Number two, the cost of living in Tampa is half of the cost of living in New York. 

Here the numbers, food for instance, in Florida, we pay 8% less in food than the people in New York. Housing in Florida we pay 106% less for housing than the people in New York. Utilities in Florida, we pay 58% less than people in New York. Transportation, here in Florida we pay 25% less than people in New York. And one of the most important is health. We pay 14% less than people in New York. So all of these components together adds up to a better quality of life at a less expensive cost.

Number three, no capital gains in Florida. In New York, residents of New York pay capital gains in their taxes. In Florida, they are exempt, big-ticket items, big savings for people moving into Florida. 

Number four, no Estate Tax in Florida. Is so-called the death tax. For some reason, you die in New York, the government in New York is going to tax all of the assets in that estate. In Florida, they're Tax-exempt, Only we pay for Federal Tax. 

Number five, easy Bankruptcy Laws in Florida compared to the Bankruptcy Laws in New York. In Florida, we had a Homestead Exemption. In other words, your property is exempt from anything that has to do with your bankruptcy. I'm not saying that this is an excuse to move to Florida because you're gonna be benefiting from the bankruptcy law. But if somebody has an issue right now that may lead to bankruptcy, this is the thing to look at. 

In Florida, your home. It doesn't matter what cost and what the value is, is always protected from Bankruptcy Laws. 

Number six, Lifestyle and Weather. We all know the weather in Florida always above 70 degrees all year round compared to the crude winters in New York City. And the lifestyle, beaches are the best in the country and you can enjoy the 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 12 months a year. 

Number seven, another reason to move into Tampa, Arjen Homes. 

Arjen Homes we'll build you homes when you relocate to Tampa at a fourth of the cost that it will cost you in New York to acquire a home that is perhaps similar to the one that we built here in Florida. So there's no question between taxes, deductions, cost of living, and the weather, and the beaches, and the atmosphere, and the growth of Tampa that will make New Yorkers love the City of Tampa. 

I love my new home had a great experience the people there we delightful to work with had an overall great experience!!! Will recommend to everyone!!!!
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