July 8, 2020

Moving to Tampa from NYC

Did you know “Moving to Tampa from NYC” is searched by dozens of people every month? You are not the only one planning to make the leap to sunny Florida. And why not? You will be astounded at how much house you can get for your money. 

In fact, Arjen Homes often builds modern custom homes for clients moving to Tampa from another state. Let’s take a look at what it’s like to make this transition.

A Better Cost of Living

Residents and outsiders alike know that New York has a very high cost of living. Tampa, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air when it comes to affordability. The cost of living in Tampa is actually 46.5% cheaper than in New York City.

What makes New York so expensive? The answer is housing. The cost of a home in Tampa is an incredible 67.8% less than equivalent housing in New York. Our clients who relocate from New York are always astounded at the level of home they can afford in Tampa. 

Not only does Tampa offer more affordable land and construction costs. It also has no income tax! Property taxes are also low in Florida. If you’re curious about how much a custom home in Tampa would cost you, reach out to us and we’ll explain all your options.

Career Flexibility

Coronavirus has affected both the way we live and work. For many people, remote work has become the norm. Many companies that were previously apprehensive about allowing employees to work from home have relaxed their stance. 

Businesses that have seen output and performance unaffected by letting people work from home are realizing that they can save huge amounts of money on overhead on facilities by embracing a remote work model. Employing a remote workforce also expands the talent pool from which they can hire. Companies now have more potential employees from which to recruit. 

Individuals also benefit. You are no longer limited to the companies with physical locations nearby. You no longer need to consider your commute when you find a new home. Your job options have grown exponentially. Like employers, you now have a large pool of options from which to choose.  

If you build a custom home in the Tampa area, you can design your home with a home office that won’t compare to any office space in the Big Apple. Why pay exorbitant prices for a cramped apartment in New York when you could build a spacious, modern custom home?

Sunny Weather

While New York is infamous for its high cost of living, Florida is known for its amazing weather. Don’t pack your winter coat because you won’t need it in Tampa. Winters in Tampa are mild with temperatures ranging from the 50s to the 70s. You can get rid of your ice scraper, as well. Tampa only has an average of two days of frost every year. 

Tampa has great weather throughout the rest of the year, too. You can expect warm summers between the 70s and 90s, which is just about perfect if you love the beach. Because Tampa is a natural harbor, it also offers plenty of opportunities for boating.

Neighborhoods in Tampa

New York has iconic neighborhoods with distinct identities, but they’re not the only city with that quality. In Tampa, you would have your choice of all types of neighborhoods, including trendy, historic, waterfront, urban, suburban, family-friendly, retiree-friendly, and more. Check out our Tampa Relocation Guide for more information on each community.

Tampa itself is in the midst of a massive revitalization effort. The city is devoting $3 billion to redevelop the city’s downtown area. Once complete, the city will attract more and more people. While it is unlikely to be another “New York City,” Tampa is certainly a city on the rise. 

One commonality Tampa has with New York is that many of its residents were not actually born in the area. In fact, 80% of Tampa residents are transplants. Learn more about Arjen Homes, and let us build your custom home in Tampa.

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