June 20, 2020

Why Building Modern Homes ?

At Arjen Homes, we build high end Luxury Modern Specs homes in Tampa. As a Modern home builder, our goal is simple: to build a unique home that’s perfectly suited for your personal style and needs, and of the highest possible quality. 

The spacious design of modern homes is one of their main attractions. Modern homes pay close attention to using space as efficiently as possible. This attention to detail considers the structure as a whole—including ceiling space, hallways, and corridors—maximizing airflow and minimizing wasted space.

Modern homes seek to balance the use of space with the overall size of the home and its place in the surrounding environment. They are designed to fit in with nearby homes and natural open spaces, while still abiding city zoning laws. This concern with creating a balance between design, structural efficiency, and overall aesthetic value leads to very attractive homes.

Modern homes are known for is putting a premium on natural light. Large south facing windows are commonly combined with smaller windows to flood the space with natural light while maintaining privacy. Maximizing the natural light helps with energy costs, requiring fewer lights in the summer or trapping heat during the winter.

Another benefit of owning a modern home is the ability to customize the space.

Since modern homes rarely use symmetrical design, it is easy to make seamless changes to them. This leaves plenty of room for future expansions or upgrades—it’s not unheard of to downsize and add more outdoor features.

Attention to detail is our specialty, and it’s essential to our work. 

A custom home is a great investment if you plan to live in it, especially for a long time. Our homes are designed with efficiency and low maintenance living in mind.

One of the principals of modernism is a connection between the building and nature. For many famous modern buildings this meant integrating a waterfall into the house, or making walls almost entirely of glass to let natural light in. We want your home to stand out, but we also want it to make sense in its context. A modern home should complement the environment it occupies. We build luxurious modern homes that still look natural.

Inside our homes, you’ll find a similarly practical modern style, with the broad open spaces that you’d expect in a modernist building.

If you love the modern architecture style as much as we do, contact us to get started. 

AT My Tampa Agent we are committed to providing QUALITY SERVICE and an Exceptional Experience for our clients. Partnering with Arturo and the team at ARJEN HOMES is exactly that and more. QUALITY construction, communication and attention to detail are the hallmarks of the product and service they provide. Builders and a company of the highest caliber!
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